reality comes / in flashes blurs falling / and blossoms

Created by Mark

desires / breathes / equal love

Created by Werner Van Uffelen

flaming gods love deep blossoms / comes careful question answer heaven / shocking clear broken bones / falling in silent peace visions

Created by Benjamin Werling

the honest beggar / shouting / waiting whispering / aches with

Created by alex

endless whispering visions / question / broken reality

Created by Linda J

/ walking am grasps glowing / equal whispering joyful / beggar silent touched heaven

Created by Brian

glowing breathes deep / scarred peace stones / if visions within seen / then endless joyful me

Created by Briana Clements

why / sitting / waiting

Created by Briana Clements

burning twisted armor / blossoms whispering visions / glowing endless heaven / flashes hell with love

Created by Loraine

whispering history / aches then twisted sword / building flashes without glowing / endless waiting shouting mind

Created by Anonymous