This site is an archive of the Rebel Buddha 2010 Tour in celebration of Dzogchen Ponlop's book of the same name.

    Here you'll find posts from great teachers as well as students of Buddhism who joined us in this exciting conversation on emerging forms of Buddhism in the 21st century.

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    whispering history / aches then twisted sword / building flashes without glowing / endless waiting shouting mind

    Created by Anonymous

    burning twisted armor / blossoms whispering visions / glowing endless heaven / flashes hell with love

    Created by Loraine

    why / sitting / waiting

    Created by Briana Clements

    glowing breathes deep / scarred peace stones / if visions within seen / then endless joyful me

    Created by Briana Clements

    / walking am grasps glowing / equal whispering joyful / beggar silent touched heaven

    Created by Brian